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One of the unusual features which makes the extra virgin olive oil protected by the DO Poniente de Granada a unique product is the long olive-growing tradition among the people of the Poniente district, where it has become a way of life. The first historical references to olive oil production in Poniente de Granada date from Medieval times (5th to 7th centuries), according to the remains of olive mill stones found in the medieval town of Cerro del Castillón in Montefrío.

Municipal ordinances have been found for oil mills in several municipalities in the district, the oldest from 1586, demonstrating how important olive oil was in the 16th and 17th centuries. The great expansion of olive cultivation in the district took place in the late 18th century. The 1752 property registration of the Marquis of Ensenada describes the importance of olive growing in Montefrío.

In 1845 Pascual Madoz described the existence of nearly a hundred oil mills in the district, the largest number in the province of Granada, and in 1881 Granada's Provincial Agriculture, Industry and Trade Office noted the land occupied by olive groves in the area was about 5000 hectares.
Extra virgin olive oil. The know-how for our mills has come down to us from this long olive-growing tradition, where it meets the latest agro-industrial technology to extract a product of the finest quality and unique characteristics, our extra virgin olive oil. The oil produced under the "Poniente de Granada” guarantee of quality is multi-varietal, in the extra virgin category, presenting the aromas and flavour of fresh or ripe fruit, depending on the harvesting period. It can be slightly bitter and spicy, or sweet. Its colour ranges from greenish yellow to golden yellow, depending on the harvesting period and the location in the district. The analytical specifications covered by the DO regulations are as follows: Peroxide value:

Maximum 15 meq active oxygen per kilogramme of oil.
Ultraviolet absorption (K270): Maximum 0.15.
Moisture: Maximum 0.2% for unfiltered oils, and 0.1% for filtered oils.
Impurities: Maximum 0.1%.

This is a natural product made with the pure juice of the fruit, rich in vitamins and natural antioxidants. It is supervised by the Regulatory Council from the olive grove to the point of sale, enabling us to certify that the quality and origin of this extra virgin olive oil meet the requirements of the DO regulations.