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Olive groves cover 71,000 ha, 38,390 ha in the municipalities in the north of the district (Montefrío, Algarinejo, Illora and Moclín), and 32,667 ha in the other areas. These total 54% of the olive growing area of the whole province. The district has been highly specialised in olive growing since the mid-20th century, clearly shown in the evolution of the olive growing areas over time, with twice as much land as in the late 19th century (1881) by the 1960s, and with even more spectacular growth in the last 20 years. More than 50% of the olive-growing area is consolidated, ranging from 25 to 100 years old; old groves aged 100 to 200 years represent 6%, and young groves less than 20 years old more than 30% of the olive growing area.

This crop is of vital social and economic importance to the district, both for farmers/producers and for employees. The average value of virgin olive oil production in recent years is more than 34 million euros, according to average market prices, with maximums of 52 million euros.

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